PiM, the smartest identification app in the Netherlands: login more securely and faster

  • Smarter identification
  • Super easy to use
  • The safest way to log in


Stop using forms and opt for a digital registration. With a QR you choose an easier way of registering and storing contact details. Continue reading..

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The power of PiM is a secure application in which you store and share personal data with companies. Because if you are always sure where you log in, access and buy, you can do this with confidence.

PiM is the identification application where digital and offline meet. You log in with it, sign and get physical access. PiM is your personal and digital (mobile) safe.


Forget passwords, usernames, card readers and forms. Go smarter and faster!


With PiM you determine when and with whom you share which data. You can see this in the app


One app, one personal profile, always at hand, in the same way


  • Software & Hardware

    The PiM app is installed on your phone, is secured by the combination of hardware and software and therefore cannot be cloned.

  • Securer QR codes

    PiM only recognizes the special and tamper-proof PiM QR codes. The QR codes are extra secured by a unique number and a digital company signature.

  • Reliable data storage

    PiM partners with KPN and uses highly secure Dutch data servers. This way you can be sure that contact details are stored securely.

  • Passwordless

    Log in everywhere using PiM You can access the app with a unique pin code, fingerprint or face scan.


How it works? We take the example of online login. You scan the special PiM QR code on the login page. With this QR scan we recognize you and the company. In the PiM application you agree to log in. Then we automatically share the login details from your profile. Does the company recognize you too? Then you will be logged in.


Enter your details once and create a unique user profile. With the PiM application you do not need a key or card and you do not have to remember different passwords. You use PiM the same way everywhere to show it’s you.


All interactions between you and the companies can be found in one clear overview. You can sort by company and by time. You determine which company will have access to your personal data and you will always see this.

Login with the best security

Log in with a unique number code, Face ID or your fingerprint. You can be sure that your data is always securely stored and sent. We work with proven techniques such as data encryption and certificates.

Insight and control of your data

Create a safe online repository for your valuable personal data such as phone-number, email address, address details and payment account. You always have insight and control over who has which information about you.

Identify with certainty

Your personal data is an important part of your identity. We beat identity fraud and demonstrate that you really are YOU. You can identify with PiM on your own phone. PiM is always personal.

Use PiM for all online and physical identification methods: such as access, webshop shopping, logging in, opening, saving programs and signing documents

Frequently asked questions:

A Personal Identity Manager stores personal data that is linked to an identity and does so in accordance with the GDPR legislation. Personal data include name, telephone number, address details, email and bank account number. You can compare it with a digital safe.

PiM stores and protects your data. PiM also ensures that you share as little data as possible. This is called Privacy by Design and means that as little data as possible is processed as standard. The default settings of our identity manager are as privacy-friendly as possible. PiM monitors your data and does not share anything without your permission. In addition, organizations that work with PiM must explain why they collect personal data.

  1. Go to your App store
  2. Download the PiM application
  3. Start the onboarding

We check your phone number and you validate your email address. Now your profile contains the basic attributes email and telephone number.

PiM QR works quickly and easily in 3 steps:

  1. Open the PiM application with face ID, fingerprint or a PIN.
  2. Scan a PiM QR code with the camera on your phone.
  3. After approval, the data is shared with the company in real time.

You have been recognized; are logged in, signed, bought something, access was granted, etc.

No, we cannot and do not want to trace who you are. The company you connect with can of course do that. PiM works with nicknames, encrypted data and hashes.

No, we never share your data with third parties. Your data is safe and you decide with whom and when you share.

PiM checks the QR code and does not recognize it. You see an error message.

Did you end up on a fake website? No worries. With PiM you only log in to real websites. QR codes on fake websites never work. Scanned the false QR code after all? Then nothing happens to your data.

The real company adds an official signature and certificate to the QR code without you seeing it. The worries about phishing are a thing of the past, because you can never log in with a false QR code.