Frequently asked questions

  1. Go to your App store
  2. Download the PiM application
  3. Start the onboarding

We check your phone number and you validate your email address. Now your profile contains the basic attributes email and telephone number.

PiM QR works quickly and easily in 3 steps:

  1. Open the PiM application with Face ID, fingerprint or a PIN.
  2. Scan a PiM QR code with the camera on your phone.
  3. After your approval, PiM shares your data in real time with the company.

You have been recognized; are logged in, signed, bought something, access was granted, etc.

Yes, PiM is safe and reliable.

  • The identification data of users is always sent encrypted.
  • PiM complies with European GDPR privacy legislation.
  • PiM uses the highest possible security methods on your phone, such as facial recognition and fingerprints.
  • The data is stored in the Netherlands at KPN.
  • PiM uses special QR codes. These are counterfeit.

You manage your data yourself.

We only share your data if you order it. As a user, you decide whether you want to link up with a company. You can revoke the relationship with a company at any time. This way you remain the owner of your personal data and you can see at a glance with which company you have shared data.

No, we cannot and do not want to trace who you are. The company you connect with can of course do that. PiM works with nicknames, encrypted data and hashes.

No, we never share your data with third parties. Your data is safe and you decide with whom and when you share.

PiM is a smart identifaction app that has an embedded QR-scanner. You always use PiM in combination with another company. If you haven’t identified with PiM, there are no companies visible in the PiM app yet!

An attribute is personal data such as an email address.

Attributes are used by companies. Other examples are age, zip code, telephone number or bank account number.

No worries! Only the phone owner can open and use the PiM application. PiM is always secured with a personal code, a fingerprint or face ID.

PiM is an KPN initiative. In the autumn of 2019 a small but dedicated team initiated PiM From that moment on, the amount of PiM users and available solutions started to increase every week.

A Personal Identity Manager stores personal data that is linked to an identity and does so in accordance with the GDPR legislation. Personal data are, for example, name, telephone number and e-mail. You can compare PiM with a digital and highly secured safe.

PiM stores and protects your data. PiM also ensures that you share as little data as possible. This is called Privacy by Design and means that as little data as possible is processed as standard. The default settings of our identity manager are as privacy-friendly as possible. PiM does not share anything without your permission. In addition, organizations that work with PiM must explain why they collect personal data.

Privacy by Design means that as little data as possible is processed as standard. This way, unnecessary sensitive information is never shared with a company. The default settings of our identity manager are as privacy-friendly as possible. In addition, organizations that work with PiM must make clear in advance why they collect personal data. This is how Privacy by Design is guaranteed.

Yes, you can revoke data that you previously shared. PiM takes care of that for you.